We Are Looking For A Tech Who Wants To Do More Than Residential Work

We Are Willing To Teach and Challenge You

 Commercial Techs Are A Cut Above

If You Have Experience In Residential HVAC And Want To Leave A Large Company For A Small Family Owned Business, This Is The Place For You.

Simply Put, Richard Robinson Is The Best Refrigeration Tech 
In The Atlanta Area.

What he can teach you is from decades of experiencebeginning as an avionics mechanic in the US Army.

If you are a mechanic and not a salesman, we are pretty confidant that you are under appreciated where you are now, right?

You deserve to be recognized and praised for your skills.

Do you like working with your mind and your hands?

We are of the mindset, you do the right thing here... repair and not always replace, unless necessary.

We do not want to leave a customer feeling they have been 'played'.

Have you been to a job that you could have done a safe repair to the equipment to ensure the longevity intended by the manufacturer, but 'company policy' says you must condemn it? 

Five minutes later a salesman comes in and sells them new equipment at, quite frankly, such a high price you wonder... how do they sleep at night?

We know the tactics of flat rate pricing, and if that same customer called Robinson's for a second opinion, we would have quoted a fraction of the price.

We want a clean, smart tech who is eager to learn more and have your EPA card.

~ We are looking for honest, dependable and hardworking techs ~ 
~ You will incorporate professionalism and integrity into your work ~
~ We remain family owned & operated for over 30 years ~​
​ ~ We want to teach you and watch you grow with us ~

*We Like To Have Fun, But When People Are 
We Need You Willing & Able To 
Work Hard & Smile Large!

Are You A Good Fit?

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