It May Be Time For A New Furnace... Early Warning Signs 

Do you & your family know enough about your furnace to notice the early signs of struggle?  Your furnace demands efficiency and safety in order to function properly and develop a comfortable and sound environment for your family.  What most people don’t know is that your furnace runs 365 days a year for heat and air conditioning.  If you furnace isn’t maintained properly, your air conditioning will not function properly either.  It is critical to check your furnace’s operation annually to ensure that toxins and gases aren’t present in your home, for these can be deadly to your family and pets.  

It is essential to be aware of the warning signs that your furnace may need for replacing.  It is also significant to not wait until a crisis arises before you call an HVAC company.  Don’t wait until your family is visiting from out of town, with your furnace crashing, to get your system evaluated.  Do it today.  Scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment will allow Robinson Heating & Air Inc. to catch the early signs of a furnace failure, which will save you money and give you peace of mind.  
 [This report is based on research undertaken by the federal Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota Department of Public Service and electric and gas utilities. It also draws on the training resources of heating and cooling manufacturers, trade associations, and field service personnel.]

1) How old is your furnace? 
Average life expectancy: 16-20 years; Look at your furnace. Does it have a pilot light? If so, you can assume that its most likely over 20 years old.

2) Utility Bills Rising?
Much like an oil change is necessary for your vehicle, a furnace will lose its efficiency over time if not properly maintained. Your furnace will run longer and will need to work harder in order to reach the satisfying temperature set on your thermostat. This will, in turn, cause your gas & electric bills to rise… money that could’ve been put toward maintaining your furnace.

3) Have you had any furnace repairs done in the past 2 years?
As furnaces age, they encounter problems that require replacement parts which can lead to another replacement part no less than a week, month, or year later. Before you know it, you’ve spent over $500 in a year on a part for an old furnace. Most furnaces acquire breakdowns in the last 2 years of their lifespan. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs before you get your furnace checked. No homeowner wants to unexpectedly face a struggle in trying to deal with the expense of a new furnace because of neglect.

4) Is your burner flame yellow instead of blue?
This could be an immediate sign of leaking carbon monoxide poison that is being created by your furnace.
Other signs include:

          A )  Streaks of soot around your furnace.
B    Absence of an upward draft in your chimney.
C)   Excess moisture found on windows, walls, or other cold surfaces.
D)   Excessive rusting on flue pipes, other pipe connections, or                                         appliance jacks.
E)   Small amount of water leaking from the base of the chimney, vent,                  or flue pipe.
F)   Rust on the portion of the vent pipe visible from the outside.

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5) How has your family been feeling? 

A)    Frequent headaches, burning feeling in nose or eyes, nausea, disorientation, flu-like symptoms.
B)    Is your house dry or dusty?  Old furnaces lack the ability to moisten the air and keep the air clean in your home.                 C)    Allergies could continue to become irritated through airborne dust, pollen, dirt, pet dander & viruses.

*** If your family suffers from any of these warning signs, call Robinson Heating & Air, Inc. so we can address your family's concerns as soon as possible!!! ***